Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle method of cleansing the colon of toxins and accumulated Waste matter .Warm filtered water is infused through the colon to release stoner matter And removed through a special system .Regular colonics help to keep your digestive System, kidneys, liver function properly to cleanse your system regularly on its own.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

Yes.. The colon hydrotherapy equipment that we use is FDA approved, cleanses and sanitized after each client, and one time sterile disposable tubes are used. Our therapist is highly trained.

Is the colonic treatment uncomfortable?

No. But most people are pleasantly surprised at how relaxing and comfortable a colonic is. Our therapist explains everything that will occur before the session begins.

How long does the treatments take?

Actual treatment time is about 45 minuets. But we suggest our clients to arrive 10-15 min prior to your appointment.

Should I see my doctor before the colonic?

Yes, we recommend you contact  your doctor about your health on the appropriateness of colon hydrotherapy.

How many colonics do I need?

You can discuss your concerns with our colonic therapist afterwards.

How do I prepare for colonic?

Refrained from eating or drinking at least two hours before treatment. Be as relaxed as possible and maintain a positive cheerful attitude.

What are contra-indications for colon hydrotherapy?

Resent colon surgery
Abdominal hernia
Carcinoma of the colon/cancer/
Severe hemorrhoids
Severe anemia
Severe cardiac disease

Conditions that can benefit from colonic

Weight loss
Acne/skin problems
Headaches/poor sleep
Halitosis/bed breath/
Poor digestion
Preparation for colonoscopy
Irritable bowel syndrome
Acute fecal impaction constipation
Parasitic infection
Atomic colon
Abdominal distention
Bloating flatulence
Mucous colitis
Intestinal toxemia