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At Art of Natural Beauty located in Brooklyn, New York, CoolSculpting is available as a fresh, easy way to lose unwanted fat. The CoolSculpting procedure is free of needles, anesthetics, and downtime, so patients can return to normal life immediately while enjoying long-term fat reduction results.

CoolSculpting Q & A (Brooklyn location only)

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How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting is the first and only FDA-cleared procedure for non-surgical fat reduction. Stubborn pockets of fat are permanently removed using a novel controlled cooling device that targets and destroys fat cells in the treated area. CoolSculpting utilizes cryolipolysis technology to kill fat cells without damaging nearby skin or muscle tissue. Cryolipolysis essentially freezes fat cells below the skin’s surface, causing them to die. Over the next few weeks and months, dead fat cells are flushed out by the body’s natural healing processes. The FDA-cleared CoolSculpting procedure has provided safe and effective non-surgical fat reduction for more than 1 million patients worldwide.

Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to remove stubborn fat from the chin, abdomen, flank (“love handles”), and inner and outer thighs. The procedure is best for men and women within 30 pounds of their ideal weight who want to reduce one or more of these stubborn pockets of fat.

What should be expected during treatment?

A typical treatment takes one to two hours depending on the area being treated. Feelings of pressure and cold are common during the first few minutes of treatment, but these sensations quickly fade. Many people are able to read comfortably, work on their laptop or nap during the procedure. Depending on the goals for the area being treated, additional treatments may be required.

When will results be visible?

CoolSculpting relies on the body’s natural healing processes to clear dead fat cells from the body, so results are not immediate. Many people start seeing changes as soon as three weeks following treatment, but, typically, dramatic results are visible at two months. The body can continue removing fat cells for up to six months following the procedure, so results may continue to improve.

Are there any potential side effects?

CoolSculpting is non-invasive so that patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Some individuals may feel minor discomfort such as mild pinching, tugging or numbness during the procedure. Minor redness, bruising, and tingling is common immediately following treatment, but these effects usually fade within two weeks. 

The CoolSculpting procedure is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting, so you'll look great from every angle.

This contouring treatment works by freezing stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body. This revolutionary treatment actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area(s). You can reduce fat on multiple areas of your body with the CoolSculpting procedure. Additional sessions may further enhance your results.

After you and your physician select the area(s) to be treated during a personally tailored consultation, the device is positioned on your body and controlled cooling is applied. During your procedure, feel free to read, check email, or even take a nap. The CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure is completely non-surgical, so you can typically return to normal activities immediately. The best news is that CoolSculpting results are long-term, as treated fat cells are gone for good.

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