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Laser Cellulite Treatment Specialist
Art of Natural Beauty Center in Brooklyn, NY offers patients from throughout the New York City area cutting edge laser cellulite treatment with the SmoothShapes® XV.

Laser Cellulite Treatment Q & A

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How does laser cellulite treatment work?

SmoothShapes® XV addresses the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite. A dynamic laser and light energy is passed to liquefy fat in the engorged cells and repair brittle collagen. Simultaneously, contoured rollers and vacuum massage are repeatedly passed over the treatment area to smooth the treated skin and assist in moving the liquefied fat out naturally through the lymphatic system. SmoothShapes® XV removes cellulite, tightens the skin, and helps to smooth out and counter the treatment area.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

Multiple sessions are recommended for optimal results. No downtime. Quick treatment time. Packages are available.


One Area…………$200+


**Brooklyn location only

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