Massage Therapy

Massage therapy improves circulation and aids in the elimination of pains and sore muscles offering complete and total relaxation. Ease into a massage by one of our licensed, professional therapists and release yourself from stress and other muscular tension. We accommodate those of you who want to relax and enjoy one of our massage services. You can combine out massage with any other wonderful treatment or add on the use of our sauna or Jacuzzi.

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage uses deeper strokes and stretching to relieve chronic muscle tension, lengthen muscle fibers, and increase range of motion.
0.5 hour $65; 1 hour $110; 1.5 hour $135

Hot Stone
Heated stones are placed on the body to melt muscle tension. Then, the stones are used along with Swedish strokes to provide a deeply relaxing experience.
0.5 hour $50; 1 hour $85; 1.5 hour $115

This massage is designed to help relax and rejuvenate the expectant mother. Using gentle strokes, this massage helps relieve leg cramping, back pain, and fatigue.
0.5 hour $65; 1 hour $110

Helps to realign the pelvis post delivery as well as promotes healthy lactation. In addition it reduces stress hormones and aids in healing of bladder disorders, post episiotomy soreness, and C-section.
0.5 hour $65; 1 hour $110

Swedish Massage
This classic massage uses gentle massage strokes to increase blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and anxiety, calm the nervous system, and promote total mind and body relaxation and overall welness.
0.5 hour $55; 1 hour $95; 1.5 hour $125

This is a Japanese system of therapy that uses acupuncture in specific pressure points on the body. The therapists use their fingers, palms, thumbs, and elbows to promote health by correcting energy imbalances in the body. An excellent form of pain relief that reduces stress and combats fatigue.
0.5 hour $55; 1 hour $95.

An ancient Chinese technique in which pressure points of the feet and hands are massaged in order to re-establish the flow of energy in the body. This healing technique relieves stress and increases blood circulation.
0.5 hour $55

Lymphatic Drainage
This treatment works on increasing the lymph circulation, as well as clearing blockages with lymph nodes and vessels through out the entire body. Light wave-like strokes are used to stimulate the lymph fluid to flow in the direction of the lymph nodes where the lymph fluid is filtered and then returned to the blood. The massage therapist will mostly focus on areas with high concentration of lymph nodes such as neck, underarms, pelvic area and legs. This massage helps to detox the body, improve body contour and smooth out cellulite.
0.5 hour $60; 1 hour $100