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Brooklyn's own Art of Natural Beauty Center in New York offers a unique hCG diet to assist patients in powerful weight loss goals. Free consultations are available to tailor an hCG diet treatment plan to each patient’s goals and lifestyle.

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What is hCG?

The term “hCG” is short for “Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin,” a hormone produced by embryos during pregnancy. When used as part of a dietary treatment, hCG has been shown to decrease fat tissue while maintaining lean muscle.

How does an hCG diet work?

While the effects of hCG on body composition are not fully understood, experts believe that it works by helping to reprogram the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus helps to regulate hormones that influence metabolism and fat deposition in the body. Patients treated with hCG while dieting lose more weight without exercise, have more energy and sleep better, and experience proportional weight loss throughout the body for a more desirable body shape. Further, since hCG helps to reset the hypothalamus, results are longer lasting compared to traditional calorie restriction diets.

How much weight loss is expected?

The average patient loses 1 to 2 pounds a day on the hCG diet, without exercise, hunger or the other side effects normally associated with a restriction diet. For individuals desiring to lose a large amount of weight, the process may be repeated with breaks in between hCG treatment periods.

Can everyone attempt an hCG diet?

While the hCG diet can work wonders for an average adult, people with certain health conditions may not benefit from hCG injections. These conditions include congestive heart failure, gout, polycystic ovarian syndrome, respiratory disease, asthma, seizure disorder, fibroids, endometriosis and most cancers.

What happens during the hCG diet for weight loss?

The hCG diet requires 24 daily injections (a little more than three weeks). During the first three days, patients can eat and even overeat as much as they desire. For the next three weeks, patients are placed on a monitored 500 calorie diet until 72 hours following the final injection. Despite low food intake, most patients do not experience hunger due to the hCG injections.

For three weeks following the treatment period, only sweets and sugar-heavy fruits are restricted. After that, sugars are slowly reintroduced more during the next three weeks, and a weight maintenance program is established. The hCG program may be repeated after 30 days if additional weight loss is desired.


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