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Eyelash Treatment Cobble Hill – Lash Lift and Lash Botox procedure

Eyelash Treatment

How many mascaras do you have right now, in your handbag, makeup pouch, bathroom drawer, vehicle, gym locker, and desk? How many really give you the look and convenience you want? With eyelash treatment at Art of Natural Beauty Center in Cobble Hill, NY, you can stop wasting money on disappointing products, and enjoy sleek, smudge-free lashes that frame your eyes beautifully from morning through night.

Eye lashes extension services

Remember your mother’s or grandmother’s “falsies” from the 1960s – a continuous strip of artificial eyelashes that looked more fake than glamorous. Our eyelash extensions are lightyears beyond.

Together, you and a licensed esthetician select the most flattering shade and lash configuration. Then each eyelash (typically 70 to 80 per eye) is individually applied – precisely bonded by hand to the tops of your natural lashes. The look is highly customizable and very natural.

With proper care, top and bottom eyelash extensions last about six to eight weeks. They are shed naturally with your own lashes. You may want to schedule periodic fill-ins to maintain full shape and outline.

Lash extensions deliver dramatic, fashionable style, but they are not for everyone. Determining whether you are a candidate depends on the strength and length of your own lashes. Extensions that are too long or thick or inexperienced application can damage your lashes. At Art of Natural Beauty Center, we believe everyone deserves stand-out eyes, so our experts offer an alternative to extensions.

Lash lift & tint

Sometimes called lash filler or lash Botox, this treatment enhances the length and thickness of natural lashes, without extensions. In a gentle process, lashes are lifted and curved at the root, for a refreshed, wide-eyed look. Then, tinting is applied to highlight eyelash color.

“Organic lash Botox,” is applied. This is a proprietary blend of emollient oils and hydrolyzed keratin from Italy. The formulation repairs, moisturizes, nourishes and revives lashes without harsh chemicals. The healthy, well-groomed results of this lash treatment last up to five weeks. With each consecutive treatment, natural lashes grow stronger, thicker, and longer.

Lash lift and tint is a good choice for someone who:

  • Has eyelashes that are straight, sparse, or angle downward
  • Does not enjoy spending time curling lashes and applying mascara
  • Has makeup allergies
  • Wants to give lashes a chance to recover from extensions
  • Wants a low-maintenance alternative to extensions
  • Would like long-term improvement in lash volume

This innovation has the internet buzzing. Just search “lash Botox reviews” to see actual before and after images, and hear what consumers have to say about results.

Professional eyelash treatment in Cobble Hill, NY

Eyelash extensions or a lash lift and tint can perk up your appearance significantly. It may be all you need to feel confident and classy. At Art of Natural Beauty Center, you also have access to a full range of general dermatology services administered by a Board-certified dermatologist, as well as a variety of cosmetic dermatology treatments including injectable neuromodulators and dermal fillers, microneedling, laser therapies, and PRP to get your skin in great condition. Then, with semi-permanent makeup and a personalized daily skin care regimen, you can look your best ‘round the clock.

Learn more about eyelash treatment with extensions, lash lift prices, and the other beautiful options at Art of Natural Beauty Center. The number in Cobble Hill, NY is 718-521-2913.

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