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JETPEEL Technology gets results in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY

JetPeel™ by TavTech is an advanced technology that uses a specialized device to non-invasively and effectively rejuvenate sun-damaged or aging skin and to treat a range of dermatological conditions — from excess oil and acne to fine lines and wrinkles.

As a practice that combines a keen eye and artistry with the latest advancements in dermatology and aesthetic science, KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS is pleased to offer JetPeel in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY to the many different types of patients that qualify for this exciting treatment, and can benefit from its highly-customizable approach to common skin concerns.

JetPeel in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY

Treatment explained

As the “Jet” in its name suggests, the technologies that JetPeel treatment is built upon are adapted from aviation. A wand-like device or handpiece creates accelerated pressurized gas, in a controlled and safe manner, and transforms liquids into a fine mist (or “jet stream”). Every aspect of the JetPeel procedure can be customized to each patient’s needs for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging; for instance, the instrument itself comes in varied sizes and configurations. When in the capable hands of skilled medical estheticians, the JetPeel “wand” is passed over the treatment area, delivering a continuous supply of therapeutic mist to exfoliate the epidermis or surface layer of the skin.

Readers may be familiar with microneedling, which encourages the body’s natural healing by creating microchannels in the skin with very fine needles. The JetPeel gets results that are comparable to microneedling. You can get glowing skin quickly and without downtime.

Moreover, due to the nature of the treatment, these powerful jet streams create microchannels in the deeper skin layers effortlessly. When used with Jet Solutions, formulas designed to treat specific conditions, the JetPeel device delivers therapeutic ingredients to renew even the most sensitive skin.

The technology behind JetPeel

The technology behind JetPeel - Graphic 1
    • A pleasant and relaxing massage useful for detoxifying the skin and stimulating micro-circulation
    • Removal of dead skin cells prepares the skin to receive nourishment in the Infusion stage
The technology behind JetPeel - Graphic 2
    • This step provides effective and deep delivery of active ingredients into the skin
    • This optional step can be included to boost the treatment result

Dr. Khrom’s patients enjoy an easy, relaxing four-step process that is clinically-proven to get instant results: the 4 steps should be listed and numbered below for patient understanding

  1. The skin is massaged to stimulate circulation.
  2. Skin is exfoliated. Dead skin cells are removed. This step also helps to prepare the skin for an infusion of nourishing ingredients, courtesy of formulas prescribed to each patient’s needs, and personal characteristics.
  3. The active ingredients in Jet Solutions formulas are applied deeply and effectively into the skin. Some of the most popular formulas include “Renewal Complex,” derived from 5% glycolic acid, vitamin B5, and aloe vera; “Whitening Complex,” formulated with stable-form vitamin C and a compound of natural whitening ingredients; and “Couperose,” ideal to prevent UV damage and restore a healthy glow and even tone among patients with very sensitive skin.
  4. Your provider may also discuss skin boosters to optimize JetPeel performance. These Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin A and E formulas are designed to “boost” or enhance post-treatment results among those patients who crave a little extra moisturizing, brightening, and relief from inflammation.

The JetPeel reviews are in, and patients love JetPeel facial treatment, as well as the versatility of the instrument and its formulas to safely improve the signs of aging and environmental damage on the neck and décolletage – even the hands, arms, and thighs that are often overlooked in treatments but can betray age nonetheless. Specifically, our patients rave that JetPeel is:

  • A great option for those who don’t want to undergo, or aren’t ready for, more aggressive procedures to repair and rejuvenate skin
  • Designed to get results fast, due to how the device generates powerful mists at super-sonic speed, delivering therapeutic ingredients transdermally
  • An innovative way for active ingredients to be topically applied, and absorbed and distributed systemically for dramatic and instant improvement
  • A truly no-downtime technique, unlike other procedures that still entail recovery time
  • Not demanding of patients’ time, as there is nothing to recover from Low-risk, no scar tissue or lingering discomfort
JetPeel Intro Video

Imagine a new era in beauty innovation. Imagine the feel of rejuvenated skin with no side effects and no discomfort. Just pure confidence and visible results in an instant. It is Trans Dermal technology of an entirely different kind. Jet Peel the world’s first and only noninvasive aesthetic treatment system based on clinically tested jet stream technology. Fine streams of pressurized liquid from a misty jet stretching the skin, creating natural micro channels for fast trans dermal delivery deep into the skin like no other system. The revolutionary jet peel wand delivers exclusive nutrient formulas with no needles. No pain no burns no downtime, no scar tissue. Absolutely comfort, relaxing pressure and results you can see today. Versatile and compatible from a wide range of aesthetic treatment like skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, sweat less, hair growth, acne, whitening. The choice of leading dermatologists and cosmeticians worldwide. Forget everything about beauty you thought you knew. Jet Peel – be the best version of yourself.

As referenced, this exciting technology can target and treat a wide range of conditions brought on by the “march of time” as well as environmental damage; however, its capabilities transcend even these common cosmetic complaints. We have successfully used JetPeel’s multi-faceted, advanced features to address the following concerns:

  • Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating – A unique “sweatless” complex formulated with active peptides and vegetal extracts is infused into the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and underarms to, TavTech reports, reduce the production of sweat by 15%.
  • Active acne – Enriched with active ingredients to rebalance physiology and soothing plant-derived extracts, a specialized formulation may be applied even to the most sensitive skin types to improve spots, ease redness, and decrease swelling for a clear and comfortable complexion.
  • Thin, dull, and “straw-like” hair – JetPeel’s revolutionary delivery system and customized Scalp and Hair Care Complex infuse moisture and nourishment into the follicles, while stimulating circulation and growth deep into the scalp to support a fuller, shinier, healthier mane.
  • Rosacea – The Couperose Jet Solutions formula is an ideal addition to the JetPeel system for rosacea sufferers, due to its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing properties that promote balanced skin and even tone, gently.
  • Dark spots – JetPeel’s whitening complex is specially-formulated with active ingredients such as a stable-form Vitamin C and natural extracts like lemon balm, grapevine, and blackberry to whiten, brighten, and otherwise improve the appearance of various forms of hyperpigmentation on the hands, chest, neck, and face – from age or sun spots, to melasma.
  • Visible pores – Large pores commonly arise due to oily, dry skin, and they are technically the dilated openings of oil glands. The JetPeel process helps to open up those pores, gently exfoliate the skin, and infuse the treatment areas with a specially-designed hydrating and calming formulation.
  • Lines and wrinkles – JetPeel’s combination bio-peptides and Hyaluronic Acids plump up and hydrate the skin, while stimulating fibroblasts responsible for the production of springy elastin and firming collagen proteins to soften lines, folds, and other surface irregularities on the face, chest, neck, hands, arms, and legs.
  • Overall, a skin rejuvenating powerhouse – Imagine just about any skin problem that can arise due to lifestyle, environmental, and age- and structural-related factors and, chances are, JetPeel can correct it. Additional opportunities to love the skin you’re in with this system include: as a corrective tool for dry, thirsty skin; to refresh a sallow complexion; and as an “eraser” of undereye circles and bags, as well as the white bumps that often appear under the eyes (milia).

At KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS, we value modern skin care as a means of fulfilling our mission to Turn Back the Hands of Time with Timeless Beauty. Call 718-521-2912 to schedule your appointment with our office at 239 Court Street.

KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty

KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty thorough advanced technology and expert quality treatments.

The team is led by board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Tatiana Khrom who has years of expertise in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. The team consists of qualified medical professionals in the field and expert admin staff to guide patients throughout the process. Connect with Dr. Tatiana Khrom on Linkedin

JetPeel™ is an advanced technology that non-invasively and effectively rejuvenate sun-damaged or aging skin and to treat a range of dermatological conditions

To learn more about JetPeel treatment, contact our office in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY 718-521-2912 and schedule your consultation.

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