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Massage Therapy

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Relaxation comes to the Cobble Hill, NY area with massage therapy

Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from the stress of daily life at a posh, pampering spa retreat? Well, even if you don’t have time for a getaway, you can enjoy the same luxurious experience – right here in the Cobble Hill, NY area. The team at Art of Natural Beauty in Brooklyn includes licensed massage therapists, and we offer a variety of premium massage services.

Deep-tissue massage

If you suffer from deep muscle “knots,” chronic pain, or a feeling of stiffness, this massage is designed for you. It incorporates stretching techniques and deep strokes to get to the root of tension.

Cost of deep tissue massage

  • 30-minute session – $65.00
  • 60-minute session – $110.00
  • 90-minute session – $145.00

Swedish massage

One of the most-requested massages, this gentle technique can help relax muscles, improve circulation, de-stress, and facilitate overall wellness.

Cost of Swedish massage:

  • 30-minute session – $55.00
  • 60-minute session – $95.00
  • 90-minute session – $135.00

Hot stone technique

A gentle and soothing way of achieving deep relaxation, this technique utilizes warmed, smooth stones.

Cost of a hot stone massage:

  • 60-minute session – $115

Lymph-draining massage

Lymphatic drainage has many benefits, including body detoxification, smoothing of cellulite, and contouring. This massage technique helps unblock lymph nodes and increase lymphatic circulation.

The cost of lymphatic drainage massage:

  • 30-minute session – $65.00
  • 60-minute session – $120.00

Postpartum or prenatal massage

This massage is specifically designed to relieve the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. It can help improve posture and flexibility, while reducing cramping and joint strain. It also promotes restful sleep, trouble-free breastfeeding, and overall wellness. Please note, prenatal massages are performed in the second and third trimesters only.

Cost of a postpartum or prenatal massage:

  • 30-minute session – $65.00
  • 60-minute session – $110.00


A time-tested technique of traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology is designed to improve the flow of energy within your body, using pressure points on hands and feet.

Cost of a reflexology session:

  • 30-minute session – $55.00


Relax and rejuvenate together! Specifically designed for couples, we offer side-by-side beds with simultaneous massages. Candles scattered around the room complete the atmosphere of your own private retreat.

Cost of side-by-side massage:

  • $50.00 (in addition to the base price of massages)

Aromatherapy oil

Enhance the benefits of any massage by adding the power of aromatherapy.

Cost of aromatherapy oils

  • $30.00 (in addition to the base price of your massage)

Relaxation and rejuvenation is a phone call away

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