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Organic Facial

Time: 60 minutes
Price: $150

At the Art of Natural Beauty by Khrom Aesthetics, we have committed our days to help patients achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Many patients approach our team interested in specific treatments that can brighten, refresh, and renew the facial skin. In situations such as this, Dr. Tatiana Khrom’s team of medical aestheticians may suggest the benefits of an organic facial.

What is an organic facial?

With the organic facial, our treatment providers will use a blend of natural products to help patients achieve fresher, cleaner skin. It eliminates the need for chemical ingredients, ensuring an organic treatment that is kind to the environment and kind to the skin! Being the healthier option compared to other types of facials available at the Art of Natural Beauty by Khrom Aesthetics, the organic facial is suitable for patients with all skin types. It is an excellent formula for achieving glowing skin, especially for patients with more sensitive skin that may react negatively to chemical ingredients found in other facials. Patients will have their skin cleansed and exfoliated with an ultrasonic scrubber and high-frequency treatment. The deep clean is felt immediately afterward, allowing patients to enjoy radiant and smooth skin when they leave the office.

What can the organic facial address?

The organic facial can address a variety of conditions, including dull, dry, and darkened skin. It also has antibacterial properties to help ensure the skin stays clean for weeks afterward when combined with a proper skin care regimen.

Optional add-ons that you can integrate into the organic facial treatments:

  • Pumpkin Enzyme peel add-on is available ($89)
  • Micro / Hydro dermabrasion add-on is available ($89)
  • Extraction add-on is available ($45)
  • LED (Celluma) add-on is available ($50)
  • Oxygen – Trio add-on is available ($89)

Ready to learn more?

If you are considering the organic facial option available at the Art of Natural Beauty by Khrom Aesthetics, it’s time to book a consultation visit at our facility to discuss your options. Call 718-521-2912 to request an appointment at the office, conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY, at 239 Court Street. We are open to new and established patients.

Art of Natural Beauty Center helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty

Art of Natural Beauty Center helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty thorough advanced technology and expert quality treatments.

The team is led by board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Tatiana Khrom who has years of expertise in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. The team consists of qualified medical professionals in the field and expert admin staff to guide patients throughout the process. Connect with Dr. Tatiana Khrom on Linkedin

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