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Other Spa Services

Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox : A device called an array is places into the foot bath where you soak your feet, which then produces positive and negative ions in the water. While ionization takes place, this reaction stimulates the body’s own natural detoxification to occur. Toxins begin to release into the water via 4000 large pores on the bottoms of our feet.  Each individual witnesses the gradual change of the water depending on which stored toxins were released. A chart and description is provided to help explain the detox that occurred during each foot detox session.  Price …. $70 (30 min)

Ear Candling

We were featured on Business Insider and the Action Bronson show for this treatment! Removes wax build up and sinus pressure through a holistic non-invasive process. Your hearing will be improved and your sinuses will feel relieved with this service. Price…$60 (30 min)


We use a high-quality honey wax ideal for all skin types, including sensitive conditions. We offer waxing on certain parts of the body.

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