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Sclerotherapy for spider and varicose veins near Cobble Hill, NY

Sclerotherapy for spider and varicose veins near Cobble Hill, NY

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective, minimally invasive treatment for leg veins, which is among the treatments offered at Art of Natural Beauty by Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics. Our practice is located in Brooklyn, NY, and serves residents of Cobble Hill and other area community.

Understanding the causes of spider and varicose veins

When you notice one of these unsightly veins appear, you might wonder what caused it. They aren’t actually new veins, they have always been there but were not visible. Healthy veins are not visible, even though some are very close to the surface. However, when a vein is damaged or diseased, it does not move blood efficiently, causing it to pool. The vein becomes darker in color and may begin to bulge as the walls stretch. In addition to cosmetic concerns, these malfunctioning veins can cause itching, pain, leg fatigue, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Risk factors include:

  • Activity – Occupations of lifestyles that involve frequent, extended periods of standing or sitting
  • Genetics – Individuals with a family history of spider or varicose veins
  • Medical history – Previous vascular disease
  • Pregnancy – Blood volume increases while circulation in the legs decreases during pregnancy
  • Age and gender – Spider and varicose veins are most common in older women

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is considered the gold standard treatment for most visible leg veins. The procedure consists of a few simple injections. A formula called a sclerosant is delivered directly to the vein, causing a reaction within the vascular walls. Over time, the vein seals itself and gradually fades away.

The procedure usually takes less than one hour, and you can resume most normal activities the same day. In fact, post-treatment walking and leg movement is important. Some patients experience stinging or cramping, but these side effects are generally mild and fade quickly. You may be advised to wear compression stockings for a couple of weeks. Full results are visible within a few weeks or months, depending on the size of the vein treated.

Get ready to love your legs!

If you are tired of suffering with the discomfort and embarrassment of spider or varicose veins, give us a call at 718-521-2913

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