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Semi-Permanent Makeup Cobble Hill – Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Tailored clothing hugs your frame smoothly. Shoes match the outfit perfectly. You have the sleekest hairstyle and latest scent. Yet you cannot feel the confidence of a truly pulled together look until makeup is flawlessly flattering. It can be tough to pull that off day after day. Semi-permanent makeup from Art of Natural Beauty Center in Cobble Hill, NY makes it easy.

Is semi-permanent makeup right for you?

A good candidate is reasonably healthy, with any existing dermatological conditions under control. This individual likes the look of makeup and wears it most days. A good candidate may want a dramatic look but prefers it softer – not harsh.

Here are some considerations to help you decide:

  • Do you have sparse or pale lashes or eyebrows?
  • Have you lost your eyebrows or lashes, perhaps due to medication or alopecia?
  • Are you weary of eyeliner and mascara smudges and runs?
  • Would you like more defined lips that seem fuller?
  • Are your lips pale?
  • Do you have uneven lips or a slight lip cleft?
  • Are your mornings busy and rushed?
  • Do you have vision or mobility limitations that make it difficult to apply makeup?
  • Is your skin sensitive to topical makeup, with frequent allergic reactions?
  • Are you tired of wasting money on expensive makeup that does not work well for you?
  • Would you like to look fresh and polished, even in the pool or gym?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, you will probably love the convenience and sophistication of semi-permanent makeup.

How is it different than permanent makeup?

The skin has three layers – epidermis (surface), dermis (middle), and hypodermis (deep). Permanent makeup implant pigments into the dermis, where they remain indefinitely. Over time, exposure to UV rays and some skin care products can fade the pigments. In addition, lines, wrinkles, and sags could displace the makeup.

At Art of Natural Beauty Center, we use a lighter-handed technique where natural-looking micropigmentation is placed into the epidermis. Overall, the refined look enhances your natural beauty. For a bolder, night-on-the-town appearance, you can augment semi-permanent makeup with your favorite topical cosmetics. Otherwise, you can count on an elegant look 24/7 that fades gently and evenly over the course of six months or longer.

Why choose this Cobble Hill, NY practice for semi-permanent makeup?

In two words – professionalism and personalization. Here, semi-permanent makeup is performed by an experienced licensed or medical esthetician under the guidance of a Board-certified dermatologist.

With a broad range of options, you get a tailored strategy to look your best:

  • Eyebrow microblading
  • Ombre powder brows
  • Eyeliner (top only) and winged eyeliner
  • Permanent lip blush procedure
  • 3D powder brush combo
  • 3D lip effect/bubble lips
  • Ombre lips for dark skin

Semi-permanent makeup is stunning – simplified! Call Art of Natural Beauty Center in Cobble Hill, NY at 718-521-2912 to schedule your consultation or learn more about semi-permanent makeup cost.

Art of Natural Beauty Center helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty

Art of Natural Beauty Center helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty thorough advanced technology and expert quality treatments.

The team is led by board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Tatiana Khrom who has years of expertise in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. The team consists of qualified medical professionals in the field and expert admin staff to guide patients throughout the process. Connect with Dr. Tatiana Khrom on Linkedin

Semi-permanent makeup from Art of Natural Beauty Center in Cobble Hill, NY makes it easy.

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