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Scars occur when the normal healing process is impeded by other factors and collagen layers form out of order. The Art of Natural Beauty Center’s laser skin resurfacing treatment disrupts scar tissue, encouraging normal healing processes to replace abnormal collagen with smooth skin, healing any scar in the Brooklyn, New York area.

Scar Reduction Q & A

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What kinds of scars can be removed?

Laser stretch mark removal is an FDA cleared treatment that is fast and easy, delivering superior, long-lasting results. Results will produce smoother, better-looking skin with improved appearance without surgery. It is suitable for some skin types. Treatment sessions typically last 30 minutes. The younger the stretch mark the better the results.

How does laser scar removal work?

Laser scar removal works by disrupting patches of abnormal collagen and encouraging natural healing processes to produce newly organized collagen in its place. This process helps blend scars into surrounding healthy skin and reduce overall area and appearance. The advanced Palomar Icon laser precisely targets only damaged skin, leaving the healthy skin intact and reducing overall recovery time.

What happens during the treatment?

The fractional Palomar Icon laser precisely targets scar tissue, leaving surrounding skin intact. Treated scars may be mildly red or swollen for up to 72 hours following treatment, similar to a mild sunburn. For most treatments, patients can return to normal activity the same day. Following treatment, patients should be careful to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to support the healing phase without further damage.

How many sessions are needed?

Typically, laser scar removal treatment requires three to five sessions spaced two to four weeks apart to see maximal results. Some individuals will see changes after the first treatment, which will continue to improve with each subsequent treatment. Contact the Art of Natural Beauty Center for a consultation to develop a personalized treatment plan, unique to individual scars and skin types.

Does it hurt?

The laser technician will apply a gentle numbing cream to help avoid any discomfort during the laser procedure. Sunburn-like symptoms may persist for a few days following treatment but typically subside quickly.



Pricing is per session and also depends on size of scar............$300+


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