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Spectra™ CarboLase

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Feel like a star in Cobble Hill, NY with Spectra™ CarboLase

Yes, the rumors are true. Stars from Hollywood to Cobble Hill, NY have a secret that allows them to keep looking fantastic, while never leaving the spotlight for recovery time. Aesthetic enhancement doesn’t have to involve invasive painful surgery or extensive recovery time, thanks to laser technology. It can be your “secret” too, with Spectra™ CarboLase from Art of Natural Beauty in Brooklyn.

About Spectra™ CarboLase

Spectra is a wonderfully advanced, versatile, and safe technology that can effectively treat many difficult dermatological problems, while improving the overall feel and look of skin. It may be used to treat acne scars, melasma, unwanted tattoos, and much more. However, the treatment is not always focused on a single specific problem. Laser peeling is a gentle and safe way to revitalize aging, dull, lackluster skin.

Spectra™ CarboLase can improve:

  • Fine lines or superficial wrinkles
  • Acne scars and certain other types of scarring
  • Signs of aging and sun damage
  • Skin tone
  • Uneven complexion
  • Overall aged or unhealthy-looking skin

Spectra™ CarboLase FAQ

We can’t accurately answer this question until you’ve had an examination, because every patient is different. Most people need more than one treatment to achieve their desired goals.
That depends on your specific skin concerns. Most patients notice visible improvement after the first Spectra treatment. Results continue to improve after each subsequent session. The longevity of results also depends on the condition treated. Tattoo removal is a permanent solution, and hyperpigmentation treatment is long-lasting. However, correction of signs of aging is not permanent; we can turn back the clock, but we can’t stop it. As new wrinkles and other problems develop, future laser treatments may be needed.
If you are looking for gentle skin solutions, then Spectra is an excellent option. The procedure is nearly painless. Patients often describe a mild tingling warming sensation and find it easily tolerable. We also offer the option of numbing cream, to enhance your comfort.

It can be your secret too, with Spectra™ CarboLase from Art of Natural Beauty

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