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Stretch Marks & Scar Reduction

Stretch marks on woman's buttocks

Cobble Hill, NY patients benefit from stretch mark and scar reduction

Scarring occurs when layers of collagen form improperly, due to impediment of natural skin healing processes. At the Art of Natural Beauty by Khrom Aesthetics, in the Cobble Hill, NY area, we offer laser therapy, which works by encouraging skin rejuvenation while breaking up scar tissue. It is an effective treatment for reduction of scars or stretch marks.

Scar reduction FAQ

Laser scar reduction treatment is dual action, working to break down fibrous scar tissue while simultaneously triggering collagen remodeling and regeneration. It causes scars to become smoother, and it reduces discoloration.
We use a state-of-the-art fractional laser, called Palomar Icon system. It selectively targets scar tissue, without causing damage to surrounding skin. You may experience minor swelling or redness, which typically fades within three days.
Prior to using the laser, we will apply a topical numbing cream, and wait a short time for it to take effect. You should not feel any pain during laser treatment. After the numbing cream wears off, you might begin noticing a mild stinging sensation, reminiscent of a mild sunburn. This generally fades within a few days.
The price of treatment will vary, depending on the scar size. Please schedule a consultation if you would like a price quote. Pricing for one session begins at $400

Stretch marks

Laser therapy is an excellent treatment for many dermatological concerns, including stretch marks. We use an FDA approved device, which delivers long-lasting results – quickly. After treatment, marks will be smoother, and much less visible, for a significant improvement in appearance.

The cost of laser stretch mark removal varies, depending on the size of the treatment area:

A small area, similar in size to the palm of a hand, may be treated for as little as $400 Areas larger than the palm of a hand begin at $500.00

Every patient is different; for a more specific price quote schedule a consultation.

Are you ready to bid scars and stretch marks farewell? Then it’s time to visit Art of Natural Beauty in Brooklyn.

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