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ThreeForMe™ Laser

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Triple benefits, one convenient treatment – ThreeForMe™ laser in the Cobble Hill, NY area

Are you looking for a laser treatment with more to offer? Do you want better results and more problems corrected, with less interruption to your busy schedule? If so, ask us about the ThreeForMe™ Laser. This triple action treatment from Art of Natural Beauty in Brooklyn is helping Cobble Hill, NY area patients enjoy total rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, visible veins, and sun damage.

Bid farewell to dull tired skin, and say hello to your younger self

Time takes a toll, and this targeted treatment is designed to reverse it! The procedure only takes about half an hour and involves minimal recovery. It begins with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, which treats facial veins and pigmentation problems. The next step is targeted microbeam laser treatment, designed to stimulate production of collagen and elastin.

The benefits of ThreeForMe™ Laser treatment include:

  • Address three common skin concerns in one convenient procedure
  • Achieve your aesthetic goals in less time, with fewer appointments
  • Visible skin improvement after each session
  • Optimal results usually reach with just one to three treatments

What to expect

We will begin with a consultation to determine if ThreeForMe™ is the best option to resolve your skin concerns, and how many treatments will likely be needed. In some cases, a single session can achieve full results, and very few patients need more than three treatments.

The actual procedure is fast and gentle. We will apply cool gel packs or topical numbing cream as needed to ensure your comfort. After treatment you can resume normal activities. There may be some redness or inflammation, similar to what you might expect from a sunburn, but this is easily camouflaged with makeup.

When you will see results:

There is typically a significant improvement in facial veins almost immediately.

Brown spots tend to darken right after treatment, and then slough off over the next few weeks.

Wrinkles and fine lines gradually diminish as skin firms up, with full results visible about six months post-treatment.

Loving your skin is as easy as one-two-three. One procedure, two simple steps, and three amazing benefits. Does it sound like ThreeForMe™ is made for you?

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